1.  Fee Payment

Tuition Fee must be paid by the 5th day of the month. All payments must be  through the bank  or through M-Pesa.  Student must present  a copy of  the Deposit slip or the payment verification at the Reception.

2. Attendance

Students must attend their classes as scheduled and if remain absent for two weeks he/she will be discontinued. Mobile phones should be switched off during class time. During  class time students should not visit recreation room.

3. Dress Code

Students must dress modestly. Hats, caps, sun glasses or low – neck shirts and  short skirts are not permitted

4. Drug Free Zone

Graffins College is a NO SMOKING  NO DRINKING ZONE for all.

5. Misconduct

Any misconduct or criminal act such as theft or forgery will lead  to suspension or expulsion from the College at the discretion of the management.

6. Education

Students are advised to feel free to discuss academic issues directly with their teachers. Or the Dean of Studies

General Rules & Regulations

Our History

Graffins College was Established as a  Pioneer in Education . We have two Campuses, one in Westlands and another in CBD, Along Moi Avenue. We pride in our ability to make amazing experiences possible for  our students. Corporate  business  partners and society. 

We Accomplish this by ensuring that our students and partners receive the best in Academic and Industry Qualifications and International Certification

Westlands Campus
Westlands Road, Off Mpaka Road,
P.O. Box 13800, 00800 – Nairobi.
Mobile: 0712 222877, 0736 541192

Tell: 0718612673

Moi Avenue Campus
Veteran House opposite Rahimutulla Trust Building along Moi Avenue.
P.O.Box 45965-00100 Nairobi
Mobile: 0723 772546, 0733 765427

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